Wei wuxian pregnant fanfiction

I’ve been trying to get more foot traffic for my Wangxian fanfiction Destined and it would mean the world to mean if you checked it out! Another one of MXTX’s couples (Luo Binghe and Shen Qingqiu) adopts Wei Wuxian instead of the Jiang Clan

MXTX Ladies Week: MDZS. I did Scum Villain’s awesome female cast last night, and now it is time for my favorite of MXTX’s novels, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation.. In MDZS, my main critique is that, while all of the female characters do get fantastic arcs, the vast majority of them die (though, granted, their deaths aren’t usually done just for the male characters’ sadness, but ...
Jingyi is a certified wangxian fanfic writer. 😂👌 ... Wei Wuxian 魏无羡 ...

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Wei Wuxian gave him that 'you sure' face as Lan Wangji always had a poker face not changing his expression, he barely smiles even if his heart is going to explode he will keep the same face. "Well i'll be back in a bit Wei Ying be a good boy and don't leave" requested Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian just nodded and continued drinking his wine.

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Wei wuxian pregnant fanfiction

Anonymous asked: Can you make a sad fic where Wei Ying runs away from the Jiang Family (Jiang Yanli, Madam Yu, and Jiang Fengmian are still alive) because they could see that he was the cause of the problem so he runs away.

Jiang Cheng x Wei WuXian - Reincarnation AU (I guess?) ... First of all the great artist who draw this: 拂曉淬天光@lofter. 2. I badly need a fanfiction for this ... Wei WuXian was the secret of the Jiang sect. Not many knew of him, and everyone was warned against going towards the house on the river. All who tried were punished, sev...
The way Wei Wuxian shifts closer to Lan Wangji until they’re shoulder to shoulder at the table, one hand sliding under the table; the way Lan Wangji’s eyes flicker down to meet Wei Wuxian’s, the corners crinkling ever so slightly. The way Wei Wuxian leans up to whisper something in Lan Wangji’s ear, his lips ghosting across the shell of it. Wei Wuxian gave him a peck on the cheek as he snuggled into his chest listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat. A few days later Wei Wuxian was finally starting to feel better. However it seems like Lan Wangji has caught Wei Wuxian's cold.

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Later Wei Ying, now known as Wei Wuxian, discovers that that tall, scary man is not bad at all. And his cowardly brother makes an even better friend than he initially thought he would. With a content feeling in his chest every day, Wei Wuxian can only hope these peaceful, happy days with his new family will last until the end of time.

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