Warnock chanter reeds

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Description. Warnock practice chanter reeds are one of the most consistent on the market. They produce a lovely bright tone that suits a variety of different practice chanters.
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Warnock Practice Chanter Reeds: Made in Northern Ireland by Warnock Reedmaker.The Warnock practice reed has a classic shape with long, narrow blades.

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Warnock chanter reeds

The red practice chanter reed made by Frazer Warnock is one of the most popular makes that we carry. These reeds go great in some of the older lower pitched chanters. They do not take as much air, and have less volume than other reeds. Having a good sounding practice chanter reed is very important for playing a practice chanter. All of our practice chanter reeds are all pre-tested before ...

Frazer Warnock Practice Chanter Reed. An easy blowing practice chanter reed
The set has the following features: - African Blackwood drones, stocks, and chanter - Full metal mounts (ferrules are stainless, projecting mounts are aluminum) - Large Bannatyne bag - black velvet bag cover and red silk drone cords - Ezeedrone drone reeds - Warnock easy/medium chanter reed (can be substituted for a MacPhee easy with no issue ...

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Warnock Red Practice Chanter Reed (In Stock) Quantity in Basket: None Price: $5.50 Shipping Weight: 0.02 pounds The Warnock Practice Chanter Reed is one of our most popular practice chanter reeds. These reeds go great with many of the older lower pitched practice chanters. They do not use much air and are a much quieter than most other practice ...

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