Simple tetris clone

In this course you'll learn everything you need to create your own tetris inspired puzzle game's game art, using the free program Inkscape.I'll show you, in step by step lessons, how to create the different components that makes up the most common styles you see in this type of games all the time and by the end of the course we'll apply everything with a full tetris clone mockup image.

This is Tetris2, a very nice Tetris game for all HP graphing calculators (38G, 39G, 40G, 48, 49G). Some features: small size (<6.5kb though a very good size/performance ratio), very close to the original TETRIS gameplay, configuration of the gameplay + three game modes, 2-Player games via serial I/O (IR or wire), runs well on Emu48 (sp 8+).
I followed the "official" rotation guidelines, (the last section of and the system is unexpectedly complex, costing me a whole day to play around with the offsets and building the algorithms. Thanks to Typescript, it is really easy to handle nested types with similar names. Any feedbacks/PR are welcomed!

This is evil and genius. Got 2 lines, and can't get anything more than that. Maybe HATETRIS II is possible, but the current HATETRIS is amazing as a puzzle game. It doesn't even feel like Tetris anymore, it feels more like one of those multi-state maze puzzles.

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Simple tetris clone

The action of Tetris happens within a machine called a tetrion. The largest part of the tetrion consists of the playfield measuring ten spaces across by twenty spaces down. It has other parts explained below. Randomly selected tetrominoes, or shapes consisting of four square blocks, fall from the top of the playfield one at a time.

Looks pretty cool, good work. Your code is very clear, seems like you know what you're doing. Since you're going with an event system for the input you can do away with the large if-then code: Just another TETRIS clone. ... A very simple circuit to activate four timed solenoids for automated percussion: in this case hitting resonant plastic pipes.
@AireneHA: Really difficult to tell without knowing more of the "next task" you're talking about, sorry :(.If you don't need to return to your tetris game after the next task, you probably could just get the current system time (look into the documentation of pythons time module) and calculate the difference to the time when the tetris game started (store the time into self.started_at or ... Hi there all, I've been playing with Unity recently - and I've just followed this tutorial on how to make a Tetris clone - and it all went really well - I'm going to fiddle around with it and add some more functionality to it learn a little more about developing in Unity

The following Visual Basic project contains the source code and Visual Basic examples used for simple tetris clone. This is a simple Tetris that I wrote in a weekend. The source code and files included in this project are listed in the project files section, please make sure whether the listed source code meet your needs there.

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