Qt5 mediaplayer qml

Is it possible to control multiple VideoWidgets with one MediaPlayer? qt,qt5,qmediaplayer. One way to show a vĂ­deo in multiple widgets is using a custom Video Surface class, and use them to generate a serie of QImage for you, and process/show those images the way you like.

MediaPlayer QML Type. Add media playback to a scene. ... This property was introduced in Qt 5.6. ... The media player is usually available, but some other process is ... Download plasma-mediacenter_5.7.3-1_armhf.deb for Debian 9 from Debian Main repository.
For playing media or audio files that are not simple, raw audio, you can use the QMediaPlayer C++ class, or the Audio and MediaPlayer QML types. The QMediaPlayer class and associated QML types are also capable of playing video, if required. The compressed audio formats supported does depend on the operating system environment, and also what ...

1) The first one is that for the Android device that is connected to my computer and recognized by QtCreator, so the one use for the android compilation and deployment toolchain, that works too. 2) The myApp.apk generated should be normally the same as the one installed by the toolchain on my Android device, but it seems to be wrong.

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Qt5 mediaplayer qml

+Each of these identifiers can be entered in the bug tracker to obtain more

QML tutorial collection. This page collects tutorials and guides for learning QML. While the example theme guides are intended to be beginner friendly, I'd recommend reading at least the basics and the dynamic layout topics, which you'll most likely use in a theme.
I compiled Qt5.1.1 for android and can run a qml hello worl on my device. But even if I have QtMultimedia5.so compiled I cannot access it into my qml page like that : import QtMultimedia 5.0 I only need the media player.- The QML MediaPlayer and Video types previously supported HW-accelerated video decoding only when using the ANGLE OpenGL implementation. It now works with desktop OpenGL as well. - QAudioRecorder::setVolume() is now functional. - QCameraImageProcessing is now functional. - Fixed media player volume not working when set before a media is loaded.

Hello, I want to play a video in my QML QuickControls 2 application. Is this possible? Can you point me to any examples that do this? I've searched the QT examples and there doesn't appear to be any QML video playing examples - just QT Widgets examples.

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