Oyster mushroom spore syringe

Syzygy Spore Syringe. Price $15.00. Quick View. ... Pearl Oyster Mushroom Spore Syringe. Price $12.00. Quick View. Sterile Half Pint Cakes. Price $10.00. DENVER SPORE ...

Bestspores.com provides a wide range of best magic mushroom and cheap mushroom spores online for growing magic mushrooms all over the world.
Liquid culture syringes are made in a sterile laboratory using only high quality strains of mycelium from lab cultivated edible mushrooms. This saves you a lot of time as you simply inject the liquid culture mycelium directly into your substrate and healthy mycelium starts spreading quickly. This can be done by creating a spore syringe, where the spores are re-hydrated using sterile water and then used to inoculate the growing medium. To create a spore syringe you need to work in a sterilised environment and with distilled water that has been boiled 2 or 3 times to ensure that any bacteria has been eliminated. ... Oyster mushrooms ...

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Here at Mycohaus we offer a variety of different growing supplies & materials for the home-based, professional and novice mushroom enthusiast. We provide you with the highest quality and most cost effective mushroom growing products available.

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Oyster mushroom spore syringe

Welcome to SporeStore.com! Here you will find quality mushroom strains available in spore print or spore syringe. Edible strains available in culture syringe.

Agrocybe aegerita : Black Poplar Mushroom, Pioppino Fruiting temperature Range - 50/60 F 10cc Liquid Culture Syringes are Ready to ship, please allow...
Quick and easy to prepare, mushrooms make a great addition to any meal. Packed with minerals and vitamins, they are a great protein supplement.

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Spores101 has been providing quality mushroom spores since 2004. A huge collection of edible, medicinal, exotic, and cubensis mushroom species available in spore syringe, spore print, or edible culture syringe, mushroom patch, or spawn jar.

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