Galil magazine parts

Originally Posted By nhgunnut: I have two Galil's built from parts kit. Both are using AWO receivers. ($250) The AWO 5.56 receiver was fine out of the box the 7.62x39 was a ORF Old stock and required tweaking.

Need a high quality 100% completed receiver to build one of our parts kits up? We now sell a limited assortment of 100% complete receivers as well as an assortment of flats for those who prefer to build their own receiver.
The only stamped components on the Galil are the magazine-catch, trigger guard, dust cover (on the R5 and R6 the rear handguard-retainer is stamped versus cast) and the magazines. The weapon is fitted with a high-impact plastic handguard and pistol grip and a side-folding (folds to the right side) tubular steel skeleton stock .

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Galil magazine parts

Original IMI, Pre-Ban Surplus. Galil .223 35-Round S.African Steel Magazine. MSRP: $34.95

TAPCO Intrafuse Galil/Golani 30 Round 5.56/.223 100 Pack - $498.99 If you are looking for a rugged and reliable Galil/Golani magazine then look no further, the answer to your question is The TAPCO Intrafuse Galil/Golani magazine. The TAPCO Intrafuse magazine is constructed from reinforced composite Only £22.99 and in stock! | Check out this product, and many more like it by visiting our online Airsoft superstore!
Apr 22, 2019 · South Carolina-based American Tactical have introduced the Galeo, a rifle made from surplus Israeli Galil parts kits. Providing that classic Galil aesthetic with the 5.56x45mm, Galeo is available with both wood and polymer furniture. According to American Tactical, they worked with the Israeli Military to get their hands on original de-milled ...

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Jul 28, 2009 · The airsoft market has been clamoring for a mass-produced Galil replica, prompting many manufacturers/suppliers to venture into the Galil-bandwagon. Inokatsu came out with a conversion kit for the AK-47; US-based TSI Armories offered Galils, albeit as a limited edition only; while Unicorn-Gunner Airsoft has their own version already in the pipeline.

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