Draw both chair conformers of the following compound

Apr 23, 2018 · This organic chemistry video tutorial provides a basic introduction into drawing the chair conformation of cyclohexane and identifying the most stable conformation of ethylcyclohexane and 1-tert ...

The following compound, for example, is a derivative of pentane because the longest chain contains five carbon atoms. Name the substituents on the chain. Substituents derived from alkanes are named by replacing the - ane ending with - yl .
a. Draw and interpret planar and perspective (e.g. chair) formulas of cycloalkanes 3. Describe the relative energies of isomeric cycloal-kanes (including conformers) by referring to: a. Torsion strain b. Steric (van der Waals) repulsion c. Angle strain 4. Identify and name bicyclic alkanes, including fused, bridged, and spirocyclic compounds a. 1. Draw the structure of the compound using the “wedge/dotted line” convention to show the proper stereochemistry indicated in the name of the compound. Number the carbon atoms in the cyclohexane structure that you draw. 2. Draw two “templates” that represents the two chair conformations of cyclohexane and number the carbon atoms.

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5) Which one of the following structures is not a resonance form of the others? 6) Which one of the following is a meso compound? 7) Which term best describes the relationship between the pair of molecules shown? a) enantiomers b) diastereomers c) identical compounds d) constitutional isomers e) unrelated compounds

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Draw both chair conformers of the following compound

Place both hands at the sides of the chair and grip the seat to keep stable. Keep both legs at a 90-degree angle with the chair. Extend one leg in front of the body up in the air until full extension is made. Keep the other leg in its original position for stability. Slowly draw the one leg back to starting position.

Chair Conformations 1. Draw a chair conformation for each molecule below. Draw the ring-flipped version of each molecule. Circle the more stable of the two conformers. cis-1-Bromo-2-chlorocyclohexane trans-1,3-diethylcyclohexane 2. Draw the more stable chair conformation for each of the following cyclohexanes. Part II: Conformers and Isomers 9. Eclipsed and Anti C 2H 6. Perspective drawings of both conformers: a. What is the relationship between the above two structures? b. How many different eclipsed or anti conformers can you make by rotating around the C – C bond? 10. Chair and Boat Conformers of Cyclohexane (C 6H 12). Note it is impossible to ...
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1/22 chapter alkanes review questions connect homework assignment organic chemistry janice smith 5th ed. textbook/mcgraw-hill connect click the "draw structure

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