Continental c85 engine overhaul

This 8 pages Service Manual in Pdf Download for the Stromberg Bendix NA-S3A1 Aircraft Carburetor, this Carburetor was used on the Continental C75 C85 Series Engines.

Make Type Cast Number; Continental: 0: Continental: 0-170: 6652: Continental: 0200: 6795: Continental: 0-200: 628422: Continental: 0-200: 6795: Continental: 0-200 ...
Continental C85-8F (Modified) For spares or repair 573 hr SMOH Oil pressure failure - initial cause was failed piston pin thrust plug disintegrated Engine stripped and inspected by GAMA Aviation Report: Crankcase - requires inspection Crankshaft - requires grinding to M020 undersize Camshaft and tappet bodies - require reground or replacement

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However, with the engine sitting in Ontario climate, I'm considering doing an overhaul. For the full overhaul cost of about $20k, I can buy other kitplane engines new. I can help with the overhaul labour or try to do it myself with a mechanic supervision to reduce costs.

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Continental c85 engine overhaul

We have been in the Aircraft Engine Overhaul Business since 1953. This Aircraft Engine Overhaul Shop was build upon a solid foundation of honesty and integrity that remains to this day. We give each of our clients personal attention. In other words, you will talk with the person that is doing the work for you, no the front desk manager.

Triad Aviation - Leading the way in aircraft maintenance and repair . For more than three decades, customers have trusted their airplanes to Triad Aviation, Inc. Located in Burlington, North Carolina, we provide an array of aircraft maintenance services, including engine, cylinder, and propeller overhaul and repair.
Shiloh Aviation Center specializes in minor cylinder repair. We currently stock over 300 cylinder cores as well as many ready-to-go units. Common knowledge around cylinders states that 80% of them contain at least one or more cracks after about 800 hours of use. Flow Matched & Multiple Angle Valve Machined New Cylinders for Lycoming and Continental Motors Engines. Please contact John Pava at (650) 354-1399 ext 16 Email: Available on New Cylinders for the Following Six Cylinder Engine Models Only

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The original engine evolved into various models over the years, including the A65, A75, C75, C85 and C90, and finally evolved into the O-200 engine used in the popular Cessna 150. Over the years, thousands of small Continentals have been produced (Continental was producing more than 10,000 engines per year in the late seventies).

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