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YOU ARE READING. Aizawa x Reader (First Person POV/Lemon&Fluff)(Slow Updates) Fanfiction >There's many different scenarios here. >No bullshitting around scenes >True lemon/smut >Some things are EXPLICIT af ⚠️Warnings⚠️ •Rape - (Explicit R) •Bondage - (Explicit B) [More may be added] 🥰The Cover Image belongs to the RIGHTFUL ARTIST🥰

aizawa can’t fashion (a thrilling saga) yknow when i first saw the sketch of the outfit aizawa bought for eri. i was like “yknow it’s not that ugly, it totally looks fine” because i thought it had like a pastel pink and purple color scheme yknow Character: Aizawa Shouta My Hero Academia Character: Aizawa Shouta "Hey, you ok?you nose is bleeding. Insomnia [Shota Aizawa X Reader] - Chapter 29 tokoyami x shouji fanfiction Boku No Hero Academia x Reader [Oneshots] - Since Forever [Student!Reader x Aizawa Shouta/Eraserhead] - Wattpad See more
[Aizawa Shouta x reader] A small robbery takes place at the local coffee shop you work at and just before hell breaks loose, a hero barges in to save the day like a cut-out cliche because all he desired was a cup of coffee to quench his thirst. Shouta x Reader. Whelp, I decided I wanted to do a couple of rewrites of my old stuff! This one was actually the first thing I wrote for BNHA over on KinkyAcademia when I first created the blog and boy oh boy I’ve come a long way since then. So feel free to enjoy this rewrite and let me know what you think. Tip Jar || ️Shop. 力 Keep reading

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Aizawa shouta x student reader quotev

Sep 21, 2018 · Pairing: Aizawa x F!Reader. Words: 1.3k . Request: Can I get Aizawa x female reader is a Teacher’s Assistant and Aizawa has had his eye on her since she first started helping out around UA. Maybe he starts getting a little jealous hearing all the students say how cool she is and that she stops by the dorms to help them cook.

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“So, what they say this time?” you asked as Aizawa walked in the door of your shared home. You had given him a new experimental batch of sweets to take to class and were on edge all day waiting for feedback from his students. Slipping off his boots he sat down next to you on the couch with a grunt. “Mhm, overall most of them liked it.

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